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„Lionel der Löwenmensch war der Künstlername von Stephan Bibrowsky (* 1890 oder 1892 in Bielsk bei Warschau; † 1932 in Italien), der als Zirkusattraktion die Welt bereiste.“



„Stephan Bibrowski (1890–1932), better known as Lionel the Lion-faced Man, was a famous sideshow performer. His whole body was covered with long hair that gave him the appearance of a lion; this was likely due to a rare condition called hypertrichosis.

Bibrowski was born in 1890 in Bielsk near Płock in Congress Poland with one-inch hair covering his body. His mother (Benedict) blamed the condition on the mauling of his father (Michael) by a lion, which she witnessed while pregnant with Stephan. She considered Stephan an abomination and gave him up to a German impresario named Sedlmayer when he was four years old. Sedlmayer gave him his stage name and started exhibiting him around Europe.“                                                                                                                    Wikipedia